6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard 
I've been reading some old missives about applying paint to a canvas to create art, "The Boston School of Painting" by Frank Benson.  Choose the right value, he says, get plenty of paint on the brush, and apply it in one stroke — flat, don't fuzz it or fuss with it.  I'm not sure I can abide by those rules, but I tried it. Maybe it's appealing to someone.  


Over Yonder

"Over Yonder"
5" x 6.5"
Pastel on sanded paper
It was more like a river than a creek, the blue ribbon that snaked between a stand of pines, running downhill from the mountains. I followed it for a few miles in my car before I lost it for good. 

This was a fun exercise in layering land masses, one in front of the other, determining the actual color of each section and replicating it with a limited array of colors.