Door County Gemstones

"Door County Gemstones"
8" x 20"
Oil on gessoed panel
The beach was white as any sand I'd ever seen, but as we walked closer I saw texture, inappropriate for sand.  The beaches up in Door County are tumbled limestone chips, white and quite gem-like in their rarity.  They're protected, and rightfully so. There aren't many of them. Not enough to go around, as with any gem. 

I photographed them at various times of day, and painted this one as soon as I got home.  The rolled gesso on Masonite gave me a texture I adore.  But the small nature of the stones made sponging a bit tricky, so I down-sized my sponge to... get this... an eyeshadow applicator!  Yup, the kind you get free in your eyeshadow container. I love how it blends.  Oh, I did use my Rosemary "Ivory" brushes, too, but most of the blending was via eyeshadow sponge.

This painting will be donated to the DPW Challenge to Help the Children of Africa.  If you are interested in purchasing this piece, the proceeds will go to World Vision to help feed the hundreds of thousands of children dying of hunger there.

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