Ginkgo Leaves and Limestone

"Ginkgo Leaves and Limestone"
16" x 16"
Oil on gessoed panel
When the leaves landed on the pebbled beach, I liked the way it looked, but they blew away quickly.  There were no ginkgo leaves near the beach, but I have one next to my home, so I juxtaposed the indigenous leaves for something I could relate to. 

The leaves are turning in my part of the country. The ginkgoes turn a terrific shade of gold when they are ready to leap to the ground, and these were some of the first to land.  I plan to do another ginkgo painting this fall.

This painting is listed with, and for sale through a Daily Paintworks Auction.  If you haven't checked out the web site, please do.  There are some interesting pieces being created on a small scale, in order to paint and post daily.

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