Morning Has Broken

Morning Has Broken   12" x 12"   Oil on wrapped canvas   $200

A month ago I went to the Botanic Gardens earlier than I'm normally out of bed. It was a beautiful summer morning with low humidity. The sun, low in the sky, cast shadows like I had not witnessed before. I was rewarded for my early excursion.

I've been gone. I've actually been here, at home, but not so much in my studio. I gave myself permission to rest, to become fallow, replenish, refresh and do nothing.  Nothing turned out to be preparation for three exhibits, several house portraits and commission pieces, but I'm not compelled to post.  Not yet, anyway. I'll share with you the triptych when it's hanging in Wisconsin.  I'll announce the shows on a different day. For tonight, I'm just dipping my toes back into the pond and sharing a rose that dazzled my senses.  She will be in one of my shows. But more about that next time.