Wenger Arch

Wegner Grotto Gate  7" x 5" Acrylic on canvas panel 

Wegner Grotto Gate  7" x 5" Acrylic on canvas panel 

I was in Minnesota and Wisconsin for a few days. I delivered the Serengeti Sunset triptych and participated in the Second Annual Wegner Grotto Plein Air Competition, sponsored by the Koehler Foundation.  I took second place in the professional division. There were over 250 participants this year. Last year there were fifty.  

The Wegner Grotto is the Wegner family's collection of glass encrusted... mosaic... fences, arches, buildings, boats and even a six foot tall anniversary cake.  I also painted the cake. I'll show it tomorrow.  The arch above is a significant structure, based on something written in a book published in Germany in the 1600s, according the the great granddaughter, Norma, of a couple of the Wegners. Norma shared delightful stories with me about the grotto.  


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