It Feels Like—Home

"It Feels Like-Home"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas

I've been thinking about water lilies, but my thoughts have migrated to the under-side of the pad. What goes on under there? Is there a small universe, a microcosm to which we dry folks are not privy?  Does it feel like—home to creatures we never see? 

I've wanted to paint from this photo for a while, but hadn't chosen a blue or a palette of greens.  Prussian, Viridian and cadmium yellows did the trick. Oh, and I sponged on the blue.

Thanks for visiting today.

Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall

"Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall"
6" x 6"
Oil on gessoed hardboard
The view as I look across this small, but deep lake is nearly always mirror-like. Wind disrupts the reflection in some spots, but not many, for its size.  Most of the time the sky reflects perfectly on it. I love to stop and gaze at this, the largest mirror in my world.

Lily Lake is another of my quiet places. I take comfort in the memories of how it felt to stand in her presence.

Thank you for wading with me today.
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Blue and Green Marble

"Blue and Green Marble"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
Another one of my glassy orbs.  These are about an inch and a quarter in diameter. They're so clear and fun to look into.  

When I begin a series, I imagine who might wish to own the pieces.  If they like the marble color, the background with a similar color will be fine.  So this is my decision-making process regarding that.

Thanks for shooting by :-)  Okay, that was a stretch.
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