Little Lily

"Little Lily"
6" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel
I find comfort when I paint Little Lily Lake. She's an intimate lake that reflects mirror-like images early in the morning when I pass her once a week. I appreciate her gentle demeanor on days like today when I am thankful to have photographed her shimmering face numerous times.  

I prepare for my landscape workshop, coming up in just over a week. My excitement is building.

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"Lily Lake Revisited"
6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard
The banks of my darling Lily Lake were tidied since I last passed her curvy shoreline. Her trees were pruned, and some removed. The lilies, however, are still abundant off shore, as usual.  

Lily Lake has been and will continue to be subject matter as long as she contains water. I hadn't seen her in three months, so today when I passed, it was like visiting a ... friend.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting me today.
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Choppy Water

"Choppy Water"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas
The storm hit and passed before I could leave, so I stayed and painted a couple more quick studies. The water lilies fared well; both blooms and their pads. Water rolled off the tops like they had been waxed, and then the sun came out. 

Lily Lake became turbulent before my eyes.  She's normally like a mirror.  It was interesting to see her roil and settle again. This thirty-minute sketch was one of several I did that morning.

I appreciate your calm presence here.
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Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall

"Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall"
6" x 6"
Oil on gessoed hardboard
The view as I look across this small, but deep lake is nearly always mirror-like. Wind disrupts the reflection in some spots, but not many, for its size.  Most of the time the sky reflects perfectly on it. I love to stop and gaze at this, the largest mirror in my world.

Lily Lake is another of my quiet places. I take comfort in the memories of how it felt to stand in her presence.

Thank you for wading with me today.
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Lily Lake Autumn

"Lily Lake Autumn"
8" x 20"
Oil on panel 
My favorite body of water wears autumn with panache.  She dons an unusual assortment of foliage colors, including aqua, prior to the traditional golds and browns most plants succumb to in their final days.

It's Lily Lake again, you're right if you suspected that.  She's so accessible, calm and photogenic—like the beauty of a lioness, with the temperament of a kitten. 

Thank you for visiting today. I appreciate that you come back regularly.

Little Lily Lake #2

"Little Lily Lake #2"
17" x 15"
Oil on panel 
I love this little lake!  I pass it every week and it's so close to the road, with an easy to access parking lot, that I stop to photograph it every time I pass.  The water lilies are on the shallow parts of the lake.  The fishermen are on the deep parts.  It's a still lake, so the sky is always looking at herself in this natural little mirror. 

Lily Lake is already and will continue to be subject matter.  I have photographed her in all her glory for a few years, and still find her to be compelling.

Thank you for pausing to take a look at my art.

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8" x 10"
Oil on panel
Everything was turbulent; the sky, the water, the light flashing between cloudy and clear, everything but me. 

I assessed the essence of what I saw, on my favorite little lake, then set about to record how it felt. Turbulent.  Upon seeing it a while after I painted it, it really speaks of that day.

Thank you for blowing through today.

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Lily Lake, Spring

"Lily Lake, Spring"
6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard panel
I drive past this reflective lake regularly.  It's close to the road, with an easy-to-access parking lot. I'm amazed how often sections of the water are perfectly still, while others are wind-swept.  Lily Lake seldom disappoints.

I enjoyed painting the past few paintings listed as being painted on hardboard panels. The surface is a delight to work on. It's smooth, yet has tooth, and is rigid, so there's no bounce back.  I like it. A lot.

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Little Lily Lake

"Little Lily Lake"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
A breeze tickled the far shore around the point where lilies did not grow.  I confirmed my suspicions with a fisheman who was standing beside me. "That part over there, is it the deepest part of the lake?" 

I appreciate the accessibility of this little lake.  I stop to photograph its ice, ripples, lilies and reflections once a week all year round.

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