At the Divide

"At the Divide"
6" x 14"
Oil on hardboard

I'm sitting in front of one of my most favorite places to paint and to be — the Continental Divide in Winter Park, Colorado.  It's a source of comfort—like macaroni and cheese is to some people.  If I need shoring up, all I have to do is scroll through my photos of this little pond and I can reflect on great memories and loving thoughts.  I hope you have such an image, or a place of your own.  

I gessoed 41 new hardboard panels today. Busy work. Tomorrow—REAL work—back to The Maroon Bells!


Late Afternoon

"Late Afternoon"
5" x 5"
Oil on hardboard
Late in the afternoon when the wind begins to tuck herself in for the night, a calm settles on the serpentine river. Shadows run from the sun as she bids adieu to another day.  

This is a pretty small painting. It's on the smallest panel my art supply store stocks.  On the other hand, I've begun a large rose painting!  She may not be as pink as I thought, but she's large enough for me to paint with my beloved sponges. I'm enjoying a neurobiological high—getting "blissed out" over the process, as Robert Genn says.

Thank you for joining me here on the banks of this river today.
My DPW Gallery"

Little Lily Lake #2

"Little Lily Lake #2"
17" x 15"
Oil on panel 
I love this little lake!  I pass it every week and it's so close to the road, with an easy to access parking lot, that I stop to photograph it every time I pass.  The water lilies are on the shallow parts of the lake.  The fishermen are on the deep parts.  It's a still lake, so the sky is always looking at herself in this natural little mirror. 

Lily Lake is already and will continue to be subject matter.  I have photographed her in all her glory for a few years, and still find her to be compelling.

Thank you for pausing to take a look at my art.

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