Red Rock Canyon

"Red Rock Canyon"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
It was one of those sapphire skies that hangs majestically over parts of the country where I don't live!  This particular one was in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.  I stopped there on my way to experience Hoover Dam.  

Today I worked on several paintings, including this one. On Tuesday I'm going to spend the day in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the Transparent Watercolor Society of America show. With my roots in watercolor, I still aspire to entering a piece in this competition... some day.

Thank you for being here today. 


6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard
I spent time in a kayak one morning last summer, bobbing on Lake Michigan. I loved being close to water level with the ability to focus where land was not in sight—for a few seconds at a time!  Self-inflicted terror is what it actually was.  I found myself stealing peeks toward shore for comfort. 

This is another of my recent paintings, where sky is the primary player.  I have enjoyed this exercise in dusting wet paint with a mop brush.  I've already begun to use it on other pieces.

Thank you for drifting along with me today.
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Little Lily Lake #2

"Little Lily Lake #2"
17" x 15"
Oil on panel 
I love this little lake!  I pass it every week and it's so close to the road, with an easy to access parking lot, that I stop to photograph it every time I pass.  The water lilies are on the shallow parts of the lake.  The fishermen are on the deep parts.  It's a still lake, so the sky is always looking at herself in this natural little mirror. 

Lily Lake is already and will continue to be subject matter.  I have photographed her in all her glory for a few years, and still find her to be compelling.

Thank you for pausing to take a look at my art.

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