Hydrangea Haze

"Hydrangea Haze"
6" x 6"
Oil on gessoed hardboard
The blue violet of hydrangeas has intrigued me since I saw my first ones, as an adult, in upstate New York.  I love the way the color varies from petal to petal within the same cluster.  

The out of focus effect is not a camera issue.  I painted, then ran my mop across the whole piece to soften the edges. When it was to my liking I used a liner to bring up a few hard edges.  

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Reservoir Pond

"Reservoir Pond"
20" x 24"
Oil on canvas 
My first outing in a kayak was in this very water.  I loved being so close to my subject matter.  So close to the water with my camera.  The clouds co-operated and gave me some pretty nifty haze over the pine forest in the direction of where Cathedral Pines was located.  

I had to wait until I got home to paint this scene.  Fortunately, my photos were good.  I loved being at this vantage point to see at least three species of lilies.  

This painting is already sold, but it will be up on my Daily Paintworks Gallery. 

Cathedral Pines

"Cathedral Pines"
24" x 24"
Oil on wrapped canvas
My daughter took us into this Wisconsin pine forest on a hot July afternoon.  The trees were old, the light intense and sideways.  I'm told Sunday School classes used to be held in this very spot, thus the name "Cathedral Pines."  High humidity activated the robust scent of pine and earth.  It felt good here.

I knew when I saw this place that I'd try to paint it, but without showing the height or enormity of these trees, they look like any other pine forest clearing. I enjoyed painting it, however.  The tree trunks and pine needles in the sunlight were a challenge, but not as difficult as painting the haze without making it look like sky.  So I overlapped it onto the shrubs, where sky wouldn't dare go!

This painting is listed with, and for sale through a Daily Paintworks Auction. 

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