Hydrangea Haze

"Hydrangea Haze"
6" x 6"
Oil on gessoed hardboard
The blue violet of hydrangeas has intrigued me since I saw my first ones, as an adult, in upstate New York.  I love the way the color varies from petal to petal within the same cluster.  

The out of focus effect is not a camera issue.  I painted, then ran my mop across the whole piece to soften the edges. When it was to my liking I used a liner to bring up a few hard edges.  

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Hydrangea Study

"Hydrangea Study"
8" x 8"
Watercolor on paper
These were transitional plantings between garden rooms at the Botanic Gardens. The blooms and buds and incidental plants caught my eye as I passed. Dots and lines in particular. Not just the pretty petals. 

This was a refresher in using masking fluid. I masked layer after layer of dry paint.  It worked nicely. I especially like the blue-green leaves on the right. They're so cool in temperature in the midst of quite a warm painting.

See it in my gallery on Dailypaintworks.  It'll be there with 150 of my other paintings, all lined up and perky. Not just stacked, propped or dangling from Fireline in my studio.

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