Dee's Dogwood Wreath

"Dee's Dogwood Wreath"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas

My sister makes wreaths from the vines and beautiful things she finds and grows in her yard in Michigan. She made this wreath over the weekend, but hers was more lovely, with graceful, dried, ornamental grasses tucked in it. But I wasn't about to paint a gazillion grassy fronds and cover up all of her twisting vines. SHE can do it, but I wasn't about to.  

This was a challenge, in that the vines and shadows and petals all overlapped and intermingled. I might not do one like it again, but I at least tried it!

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6" x 8"
Oil on Hardboard
I visited a home a few days ago that had a nest like this displayed under a bell-shaped dome. I became so infatuated with the nest, cut from branches in her own yard that I had someone photograph it for me. This is something like her nest, but as we know, each one is a work of art that can't really be duplicated.  

I adore these tidy, woody vessels where some of nature's most fragile elements get to tenant safely.

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