Succulent in the Mist

"Succulent in the Mist"
6" x 12"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas

The fog that particular morning was dense in the area of the succulent gardens. I stayed on the familiar path, face to the ground and happened on this gossamer image. 

Here's another exercise in edge control. This is a dry brush technique done with a bristle brush, swirled in a similar motion I would use to stencil. Paint is applied layer upon layer until the shape of a plant begins to form. 

I'm happy you found my blog today.

Flowers and Cock's Comb

"Flowers and Cock's Comb" 
I wakened from a nap on the rattan sofa in my studio.  My husband had turned on an up-light on the table next to me. The undersides of the flowers and the life-sized resin rooster were fascinating in my dream state. 

The painting is very soft-edged.  It's one of my most successful edge paintings to date, BUT it doesn't show that way in a photo!  The camera and the eye see it so differently.  The eye sees the multiple levels of color and depth. The camera chooses a level and documents it.  It's also very difficult to photograph with respect to the texture on this hardboard panel. It makes for a glittery surface, especially with the low key values of this piece.  So I scanned it!

And just to keep things interesting, I have another low key painting on the same board to post tomorrow.  Same problems, same solution—scan it.

Oh, just come see it in person. I'll put on the water for tea.
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