Sweet Succulent

"Sweet Succulent"
5" x 5"
I found a photo I took of a succulent, you know those reddish ones with magenta and orange tones that make you shake your head in amazement, and decide it would be my next challenge for pastels.  I delighted in matching the colors and defining the edges in the appropriate hues, too.  

The originals of all of my paintings are so much more colorful than the camera picks up. The subtleties are lost here, but they exist. I've said it before, but it's particularly true in this one. 


Succulent in the Mist

"Succulent in the Mist"
6" x 12"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas

The fog that particular morning was dense in the area of the succulent gardens. I stayed on the familiar path, face to the ground and happened on this gossamer image. 

Here's another exercise in edge control. This is a dry brush technique done with a bristle brush, swirled in a similar motion I would use to stencil. Paint is applied layer upon layer until the shape of a plant begins to form. 

I'm happy you found my blog today.

Your Left or Mine?

"Your Left or Mine"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas board
Succulents can be soft and kissable, or spiny and prickly. I prefer the rounder ones, but this one struck such a humorous pose that it stole my heart.

I found this plant in the Desert Environment at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. I swear he waved as I passed.

I have been thoroughly enjoying your comments. There have some witty ones of late!  I can't imagine who these people are, but they are entertaining me.  Thank you one and all for making this process so fun.

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