Succulently   24" x 12"  Oil on museum wrapped canvas  $350 

Succulently   24" x 12"  Oil on museum wrapped canvas  $350 

I've indulged in three succulent paintings over the last few days and am as happy as if I were painting roses.  For some reason I get the same enjoyment from these supple petals as rose petals.  

I will be traveling again for the next week. I'm not sure if I'll get a painting done to post before I get back. Don't worry about me, I'm fine, just enjoying myself... A LOT! 


Painted Lady

"Painted Lady"
20" x 16"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Her nails were painted in all the warm colors of that evening's sunset. She was resplendent as she opened her petals to the New Year, exuding a sensual warmth from her core. 

This is my first large painting in a while. I photographed her a year ago in a greenhouse at the Botanic Gardens, but wasn't up to painting all those different colored points with an eyelash brush… until now. The greens were painted yesterday and all the reds and yellows were painted today.  She was as enjoyable as I anticipated. I'm especially fond of the prickly pears in the top background. They are exactly how I wanted them to be… succulent.


Sweet Succulent

"Sweet Succulent"
5" x 5"
I found a photo I took of a succulent, you know those reddish ones with magenta and orange tones that make you shake your head in amazement, and decide it would be my next challenge for pastels.  I delighted in matching the colors and defining the edges in the appropriate hues, too.  

The originals of all of my paintings are so much more colorful than the camera picks up. The subtleties are lost here, but they exist. I've said it before, but it's particularly true in this one. 



12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Her petals radiated from tiny pivotal peaks in such a magnificent, violaceous whorl that it dazzled the pantaloons off some of the more staid spectators. 

I've posted 320 consecutive days with a different new painting each day:  floral, landscape, still life and a couple miscellaneous offerings. I have worked in the small square format so popular with daily painters, but I love to paint large.  My brushwork and sponges are perfect in that scale. I also like the texture and bounce of a large stretched canvas, instead of hardboard panels. 

I am considering making larger paintings for a while to satisfy some creative desires.  That said, I may not post every day, but please don't assume I've quit painting.  I must paint. It's my driving force.  Ultimately, I may turn out more complex pieces for your viewing pleasure.

Furthermore, I may fill the gaps with some pieces I have not yet posted. Please be patient with me as I transition into this next stage.

Thank you for understanding my reason for change. I appreciate it.
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Your Left or Mine?

"Your Left or Mine"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas board
Succulents can be soft and kissable, or spiny and prickly. I prefer the rounder ones, but this one struck such a humorous pose that it stole my heart.

I found this plant in the Desert Environment at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. I swear he waved as I passed.

I have been thoroughly enjoying your comments. There have some witty ones of late!  I can't imagine who these people are, but they are entertaining me.  Thank you one and all for making this process so fun.
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8" x 8"
Oil on hardboard
The center buds of a succulent plant are as kissable as lips.  I'm drawn to their chubby roundness. I also like that they flatten into their svelte adult leaves without an in-between stage.  

Here is my second low key painting on this textured hardboard.  Scanning her was the only solution to the issues with glare.  I had her in my courtyard, on the fence, against the house, on the porch and on a windowsill.  Not to mention all the usual indoor places.  Kissable as she is, this gal did not want to be photographed!

Thank you for looking in on me today.
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Garden Succulent

"Garden Succulent"
6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard panel
There she sat, sprouting a young one.  The others in the planter had already done their work for the season, but this inexperienced lady had to watch her elders to see how it was done.  

This is a plant I painted before, but about seven times taller than she is here.  She was in the foreground of a desert scene with sand and mountains to the top and sides.  I like to paint the same thing twice—sometimes.

Thank you for wandering in today.

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Succulence #2

"Succulence # 2"
20" x  24"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
I looked straight down into her face like a lover reinventing courtship.  She stared back at me with capricious intent, yet nary a move did she make. 

This large succulent was painted with a stencil brush, a 1/8" little round one; about the size of a Q-tip. It was a dry brush technique I perfected during this series.

Succulence #2 is listed with and for sale through a Dailypaintworks Auction.

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Pastel Succulent

"Pastel Succulent"
16" x 16"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
This is another from the garden center that had all the pretty succulents.  I didn't know there could be so many colors in a single plant.  It amazed me then, and amazes me to remember it now.  

This was painted as part of a series of succulent paintings.  It was done with a brush I had worn down to a nub while painting murals. It seemed perfect for swirling on color in a dry brush technique.  I used that brush until the brushes were worn down to the ferrule... the metal part.

This painting is listed with, and for sale through a Daily Paintworks Auction.

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10" x 20"
Acrylic on canvas panel
Her powdery leaves splayed like a saucer in moonlight. Tender shoots peeked from beneath the leaves a few layers out from her central core. They looked like the tiny faces of newborn lizards.

This is one of the darkest paintings I've ever done. Low key is the term.  Most of the paint is in the 1-5 range on a scale of one to ten. I'm normally a high key painter... subject matter-wise.  Backgrounds excluded.

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Succulence #2

"Succulence #2"
24" x 24"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
During a visit to the garden center that carried an amazing array of succulents, I gravitated toward the varieties that had the least amount of green. Although I shied away from greens, I remained true to my love of whorled leaf and petal patterns.

The shadows were critical to this composition. I was happy to have captured them where I needed them.  I rosied-up the sand color and used it as an alternate to a dark background.

This painting is listed with, and for sale through a Daily Paintworks Auction.

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