Tulip Time

"Tulip Time"
5" x 5"
Oil on wrapped canvas

I'm thinking of spring tonight, what with a luscious full moon overhead. Foolish of me to do it, I know, as I've not even seen the first flake of winter. Yet my eyes are ready for color again. I'm already weary of grey sticks poking into grey sky. 

Painting my fantasy has helped.  It's a sweet little fantasy, filled with color and life from a spring day at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.


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Toulouse, Your Moose Is Loose"

"Toulouse, Your Moose Is Loose"
24" x 24"
Oil on wrapped canvas

It was Saint Patrick's Day and I was in the produce department of my grocery store when I saw a guy ripping leaves off cabbages.  I nearly rammed him with my cart to save this particular one from being scalped. "He's subject matter!" I declared. Once I had it in my possession I realized he would need companions, so I collected a turnip, red onion, egg plant, tangerines, tulips and added daffodils to the mix. Then I filled in with a few miscellaneous items... including my moose. 

Tonight Toulouse, Your Moose Is Loose will be featured in a gallery opening called Recent Works.  He was juried into the show and will hang for a month. This was my first painting done with my handmade, English, Rosemary & Company brushes.  What a sweet ride that was!

Toulouse will be listed with, and for sale through a Daily Paintworks auction during the same month as Recent Works.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I really appreciate your comments and e-mails.