Serendipitous Succulents

Serendipitous Succulents   12" x 24"  oil on museum wrapped canvas  $350

Serendipitous Succulents   12" x 24"  oil on museum wrapped canvas  $350

I'm once again in love with succulents. Like roses, their petals whorl around a center and flail like outstretched arms or a "full circle skirt" from my youth. Did you ever twirl round and round in one of those?  I'm enjoying the variation in color, the edges and the complexity of this subject matter. 


Rock Band

"Rock Band"
10" x 10"
Oil on wrapped canvas

Yup, Rock Rand.  Take a look at the painting.  Get it?  I've been collecting banded rocks like the ones in this painting since I was a child. I pick them up whenever I see them and put them in my courtyard or on a shelf with others in my studio. Banded rocks delight my sense of whimsy. 

I'll be leaving rocks pretty soon, but not quite yet.  I have another idea to present. THEN it's back to roses.  I bought a bouquet of them for myself today.  I sold some art, got a commission and scheduled a workshop, so I'm celebrating with the other thing that delights me.  


Fractal Frenzy

"Fractal Frenzy"
40" x 30"
Acrylic on canvas

I am an artist's agent for a fractal artist in California. I sell his images and animations to rock bands, fashion designers, videographers and corporations looking for unique art.  Jock Cooper at  inspired me to try to paint images like he composes via math equations on his computer.  I was commissioned to paint this piece when I refused to sell one similar to it to an admirer.   

Please enjoy images from my archives while I paint some larger pieces.  You are all still in my gracious thoughts.